Lesson Design

In this hands on workshop, participants are led through a lesson planning sequence that ensures engagement through higher order thinking skills, metacognitive strategies, and authentic applications. Participants are taught how to ensure that lesson goals are tied to learning standards and are reflected in authentic tasks. Learning is assessed through multiple lenses – for, of and as learning.

Book Connection: P.L.A.N. For Better Learning


Numeracy Assessment

Learn how to powerfully assess, intervene, and teach using an approach that raises the standard in numeracy education. Align with new curriculum initiatives by using a tool that highlights student thinking and promotes purposeful instruction. Use this process to assess classroom, school and district performance, to complement existing math programs and to support a balanced numeracy approach.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand our approach and connected philosophical underpinnings
  • Create, deliver, and assess numeracy in a classroom setting
  • Implement assessments in classroom, school or district context
  • Access free resources in both English and French
  • “Learn today, do tomorrow.”

This session provides attendees with a practical, yet transformational experience in terms of numeracy assessment and instruction. Inspired by the tenants of 21st Century Learning participants will find connections and applications to all levels of our educational system. Sometimes the most powerful approaches are the most straightforward.

Book Connection: The ANIE


*To inquire about workshop availability, please contact us.