Reflect on cereal commercials from over the years. I fondly think of the 1980’s when I remember these commercials. What did each commercial have in common? Here is a short compilation of 5 or 6 commercials from the ‘80’s to jog your memory: Did you see it? Near the end of every commercial, there […]

SNAP Update: Part 2 *SNAP = Student Numeracy Assessment & Practice This post builds on Part 1 (published in the spring of 2017). If you are interested in further context please read Part 1. The journey towards math excellence continues… Overview: Last May/June (2017) over 5000 students (grade 2-7) in Chilliwack completed a year-end SNAP […]

The Top 3 Foundational Components of an Effective School What are the foundational components of an effective school? I am sure educators could come up with dozens of very important examples ranging from vision and mission, to extracurricular opportunities, to staff morale. However, as I start to prioritize that long list, for now, I am […]

SNAP Update: One Year In… As we near the end of our first full year of our Student Numeracy Assessment & Practice (SNAP) implementation in Chilliwack, I am pleased. This year all of our teachers who teach math from grade 2 – 7 have been trained and supported in the use of SNAP. Our curriculum […]