The Top 3 Foundational Components of an Effective School What are the foundational components of an effective school? I am sure educators could come up with dozens of very important examples ranging from vision and mission, to extracurricular opportunities, to staff morale. However, as I start to prioritize that long list, for now, I am […]

When it comes to implementing the new curriculum in classrooms, the question that I am asked most often is not why are we doing this, but HOW do we do it? How do we teach thinking? How do we teach students the “competencies” (both core and curricular)? Then, come the questions about assessment. How do we […]

The power to create curiosity in ourselves by using the ANIE/SNAP framework to guide teaching practice once again proves so important. If we want to teach students to have a deeper understanding of math, then we (teachers) need to have a deep understanding first. After all, if we do not have the concept down, how […]

One of my favorite parts of the P.L.A.N. (Bird, Savage 2015) is the concept of “Shatterpoint”.  A few years back I was reading a novel by Mathew Stover who wrote about a gem stone that was virtually indestructible — no matter how hard it was struck nothing would happen to it.  Yet, a tiny tap […]

Thinking in the New BC Curriculum. I am very pleased about the renewed emphasis on thinking in the new BC curriculum. This focus will provide opportunity for teachers from diverse content areas to find common ground. Recently, in our school district we have been working on how the curricular competences fit with thinking. To begin […]