Reflect on cereal commercials from over the years. I fondly think of the 1980’s when I remember these commercials. What did each commercial have in common? Here is a short compilation of 5 or 6 commercials from the ‘80’s to jog your memory: Did you see it? Near the end of every commercial, there […]

SNAP Update: Part 2 *SNAP = Student Numeracy Assessment & Practice This post builds on Part 1 (published in the spring of 2017). If you are interested in further context please read Part 1. The journey towards math excellence continues… Overview: Last May/June (2017) over 5000 students (grade 2-7) in Chilliwack completed a year-end SNAP […]

The Top 3 Foundational Components of an Effective School What are the foundational components of an effective school? I am sure educators could come up with dozens of very important examples ranging from vision and mission, to extracurricular opportunities, to staff morale. However, as I start to prioritize that long list, for now, I am […]

SNAP Update: One Year In… As we near the end of our first full year of our Student Numeracy Assessment & Practice (SNAP) implementation in Chilliwack, I am pleased. This year all of our teachers who teach math from grade 2 – 7 have been trained and supported in the use of SNAP. Our curriculum […]

The RTI Trap: Avoid This Common Mistake Response to Intervention & Instruction (RTI) is an educational concept that has captured the imagination of teachers and thought leaders in many schools, districts and jurisdictions. In this blog post, I will discuss a key pitfall to avoid when implementing this approach. In terms of a model, I really like […]

When it comes to implementing the new curriculum in classrooms, the question that I am asked most often is not why are we doing this, but HOW do we do it? How do we teach thinking? How do we teach students the “competencies” (both core and curricular)? Then, come the questions about assessment. How do we […]