SNAP Update: Part 2 *SNAP = Student Numeracy Assessment & Practice This post builds on Part 1 (published in the spring of 2017). If you are interested in further context please read Part 1. The journey towards math excellence continues… Overview: Last May/June (2017) over 5000 students (grade 2-7) in Chilliwack completed a year-end SNAP […]

SNAP Update: One Year In… As we near the end of our first full year of our Student Numeracy Assessment & Practice (SNAP) implementation in Chilliwack, I am pleased. This year all of our teachers who teach math from grade 2 – 7 have been trained and supported in the use of SNAP. Our curriculum […]

Math – Connected to Real Life Recently, I had yet another example of the power of realizing the connection of math to our everyday life – and the importance of this realization in the realm of the classroom…and beyond. I was meeting with a fellow educator about our district’s new math assessment – The SNAP […]