We can hardly believe it, but after almost a decade our unique book on math assessment is published. We were very excited to partner with Pembroke Publishers who helped make the book a reality. The ANIE (Assessment of Numeracy in Education) represents a culmination of almost 10 years of results based research into helping students learn math […]

I have just happened across my blog space again. I will make an attempt to write something shortly. Currently I am reading a book – Great by Choice…by the same author as Good to Great. So far, I am really enjoying it and it has be reflecting on my current work – and how to […]

Last weekend I had a conversation with Kevin Bird (Principal of Muheim in SD54) about 21st Century Learning. The conversation went something like this: “What if we thought of 21st Century Learning as just another adaptation1 to the curriculum?” “An adaptation? What do you mean? Are you saying that all students need help? I am […]

This is my online blog for educational musings. I am curious as to how often I will use this blog to post ideas or thoughts. Time will tell. Recently I have been thinking a lot about 21st Century Learning…I think that I will have a post to share shortly.