One of my favorite parts of the P.L.A.N. (Bird, Savage 2015) is the concept of “Shatterpoint”.  A few years back I was reading a novel by Mathew Stover who wrote about a gem stone that was virtually indestructible — no matter how hard it was struck nothing would happen to it.  Yet, a tiny tap […]

Thinking in the New BC Curriculum. I am very pleased about the renewed emphasis on thinking in the new BC curriculum. This focus will provide opportunity for teachers from diverse content areas to find common ground. Recently, in our school district we have been working on how the curricular competences fit with thinking. To begin […]

We can hardly believe it, but after almost a decade our unique book on math assessment is published. We were very excited to partner with Pembroke Publishers who helped make the book a reality. The ANIE (Assessment of Numeracy in Education) represents a culmination of almost 10 years of results based research into helping students learn math […]

I have just happened across my blog space again. I will make an attempt to write something shortly. Currently I am reading a book – Great by Choice…by the same author as Good to Great. So far, I am really enjoying it and it has be reflecting on my current work – and how to […]

Last weekend I had a conversation with Kevin Bird (Principal of Muheim in SD54) about 21st Century Learning. The conversation went something like this: “What if we thought of 21st Century Learning as just another adaptation1 to the curriculum?” “An adaptation? What do you mean? Are you saying that all students need help? I am […]

This is my online blog for educational musings. I am curious as to how often I will use this blog to post ideas or thoughts. Time will tell. Recently I have been thinking a lot about 21st Century Learning…I think that I will have a post to share shortly.